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Social CRM

Our Skillset

Customers engaging in social networking are not unknown, and most of the companies are now trying to capitalize this interest in social media in the best possible way, and improve the relationship with their customers. It is about networking and communication methods these days over any other means of marketing. INNVY helps in the designing the social CRM depending on the requirements of the exposure required.

Sounds easy? Well, not all the organizations will be able to set this up in the best possible way because of the unlimited scope of this media. It is important to select the right data from the social networking websites or communities and then use them in the existing CRM procedures. To get into Social CRM, you need the assistance of experts which is attained only with INNVY. Our expert team with the experience will give you the best solutions depending on the network of your organization and also help in developing it in the upcoming years.

Because the complete Social CRM system is so cast, it is important to consider each and every step before initiating and concluding the setup. INNVY works diligently and follows step by step procedure to avoid any hiccups or mishaps during the setup or during usage.

Our Workflow

us It is the clients who understand their customers in the best possible way, and only the clients will be able to suggest the demands and expectations of the customers. These will be the goals of the organization, because none of organizations can survive without customer satisfaction. Clients will be willing to share all the information on the guarantee of maintaining it and not leaking it out to unauthorized people. A personnel at INNVY makes sure that none of the information is shared with the person who is not authorized for the same.

The focus of Social CRM is to give maximum satisfaction to the customers. It is possible to devise a strategy only when the clients share with us at INNVY about what their customers have been expecting from them. Generalization will not serve the needful, and it is suggested that every client approaching us be willing to share their customers' satisfaction elements as well as grievance concerns for the best results. The strategies should be developed keeping in view of almost all the departments of the organization.

Developing strategies might again be an easy process but putting them into the right places and then again making them useful can be a tough task. It is about the experience that INNVY gives to their clients with the programs offered is what makes them talk about the organization's services. Satisfying our clients is the main aim and for that we will make sure that we get maximum information for being used.

Placing the program is done! But what if the customers of the clients are not satisfied? Here, INNVY makes sure that they initially check the impact of the newly installed programs on customers of the clients. Depending on the response, changes should be made immediately because once adapted to a particular system of functioning, it might get difficult to switch to a newer one, even if it better in results.

Social CRM will increase the involvement of the client into social communities and networking websites. The goal of INNVY is to facilitate success to the clients and to make this possible we give efforts to let the client get adapted to the changes being made in the work culture.

The Process


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