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Search Engine Optimization

Our Skillset

Normally the errors noticed while designing the strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is doing the tasks fast and ignoring the important aspects, which leads to improper usage of the developed sites. But the fact remains that making simple tweaks on the existing websites is not Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact,   it is a lot more, and when used properly the organizations can grab the best traffic for their website and promote their products and services to the people who are actually looking for it.

At INNVY, we follow some steps in order to make the strategies being used for building SEO most productive and fruitful for the upcoming years. There are many aspects that we take into account when planning for the optimization process. All this planning is done before the site goes live and you will not have any difficulties in reaching the people you wish to once the website goes online.

Our Workflow

usThe competition in today's market is unlimited, and it is not unknown that businesses have to follow rigorous strategies in order to survive in the business. Before understanding the consumer market, it is important to understand the competitors market who have been performing well in the market. These analyses are the first step taken by INNVY. We also understand the basic marketing techniques being used by the competitors, so that our clients can have an edge over their competition.

Keywords are the base for SEO marketing, and if you do not use the right keywords for your website then expecting a good ranking in search engines will never be fulfilled. It is better to be specific than being too general or just too complex in deciding the keywords. Market can be analyzed before deciding on this as well which is again done by the experts at INNVY.

You might choose the right keyword, but even the content must be so designed that the keywords should not fall short or even get stuffed in the matter. It is important to keep the content short and let it reveal everything that you want to share in an effective way. There are rules in copywriting that are taken care by INNVY so that your organization gets the right exposure on search engines.

Optimizing the site needs to be done where the rules are being followed about web designing to make it SEO friendly. You might want to use newer tactics for designing your websites, but still at INNVY we suggest using the traditional CSS technology so that the page loads immediately without being bothered about the speed being offered by the Internet service provider.

Easy of navigation

Customers are the main aim while designing the website. If the website is not designed effectively with easy navigation, then even the existing customers will stop dealing with you because of uneasiness in e-commerce. The tour should be short and effectively be able to share all the information required to reach them. At INNVY, we make sure that the visitors become your customers in just a click or two by designing the website intelligently.

Building Links

Stuffing all the information is not possible on the home page itself. It is important to build links at appropriate spots in order to give better information to the visitors. Considering keywords is again important here because it will give a better exposure in search engines.

Website is not considered effective unless it is usable by human beings. At INNVY, we get the test done immediately after the webpage's final outlay is ready. The experience is important, and we assure you that our experts will never let you down when it comes to building a website and optimizing it on search engines in the best possible way.

The Process


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