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Pay Per Click

Our Skillset

INNVY is one such service provider that facilitates with the best Pay Per Click services at affordable prices. Pay Per Click (PPC) in recent has become one of the most formidable tools of Internet marketing. PPC helps in getting automatic recognition on search engines without having to wait for long. Search engines that are popular for PPC are Yahoo search marketing, Google Adword, etc. There is an immediate recognition facilitated with PPC, and this will bring in quick traffic for your website.

Benefits that our clients have attained with PPC

  • Immediate results and best traffic gain
  • Easy and faster to launch
  • Control on budget
  • Traceable means of advertisement
  • Return on investment assessment

Our Workflow


Researching on the Business goals

It is about getting measurable results delivered when Pay Per Click (PPC) is involved. There are certain basic queries that nee dot be solved in order to make PPC campaign a success.
1. The first query would begin with is, what are the goals that the campaign should fulfill?
2. What target actions should constitute the main attraction for users on the website?
3. What is the worth of each action being taken?
These basic questions are researched by experts at INNVY and only then the campaign begins.

Researching about target audience

Reaching the right audience is the primary goal of any PPC campaign. If the organization is able to define the audience they want to target, then half the task can be considered as completed. To select the target audience, clients need to answer questions like:
  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. Where are the ideal users located geographically?
  3. Why would the target audience prefer my product and services?
  These questions when answered will help in researching and finding the right keywords.

Researching on the keywords

It is on the keywords that the world of search engines functions. It is important to understand the right keywords that your audience might use while making a search on the Internet. You cannot select a complex keyword nor can you make it so simple that it gets mingled up with many other websites. It is about using the right combinations and then using them in the content to be published.

Implementation of campaign structure

Keywords are identified and so is the target audience, now it is time to campaign logically and define a structure. INNVY ensures that they do not use excess number to keywords to make things complex for your website. Because there is no limit on adding to the number of ad groups, we decide depending on the target audience the number of ad groups that will have about your website.

Implementation of Ad copy

It is about the uniqueness in the ad development using the themes, products and keywords. We understand that it is all about conveying about your products and services better than what your competitors have done previously. The number of ad groups added in the previous step will determine the number of ads to be written for refinement in the search campaign. This will optimize your visibility and improve your chances.

Implementation of landing page development and campaign settings

The landing page, thus designed, should be able to keep the customers involved, and make them do as much research as possible. This will improve you per click chances and thus improving the overall ranking on search engines. The page designed by INNVY will load faster to let the users not feel bored and leave it immediately.
Campaign settings will include details about the target audience and choosing the language that are country specific or region specific.


• Statistical analysis will help in monitoring why the campaign worked effectively and what were the loopholes.
• Refinement will help in knowing the data that was helpful during the campaign, be it keywords, ad copy or landing pages chosen.
• Bid management will help in determining how much should be paid for each click your website receives and how much can be afforded to see the target audience that is attracted towards your website. There is no rule defined in PPC, and all we need to do is use common sense to get better at marketing through this technique.

The Process


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