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Our Skillset

Hosting is the service that facilitates organizations to share the space with the server of hosting company and carry on all the activities that are web based. It includes running the website and all the functions carried within web based systems.

The basic aim of opting for hosting services is to enjoy the expertise as well as the resources of the service provider. This system is generally opted by beginners who are new to the web-based world and do not have enough sources to spend on. It is more or less like a form of outsourcing where the work is outsourced only of the Internet related department. Because it is a very less expensive means of going on the world wide web, organizations are opting for this means to enjoy services without burdening self, be it technically or financially.

When approached by clients, experts at INNVY will give complete assistance regarding the hosting services being offered. We also explain you the way hosting can change the way your organization functions and get better with passing time. If it is the beginning and you want to experiment, then you can trust us with high quality of technology at low prices, which is being accompanied with 100 percent security.

Our Workflow


Understanding the requirements of the clients

When the clients approach, we discuss each and every reason behind them approaching for attaining these services and accordingly suggest them the steps that need to be taken further. If there are scopes of improvement that can magnify the goals of the clients, then we also assist in sharing those and helping them to achieve it as well.

Discussion about future plans

The scope of hosting is attached with the service provider. It is important to choose the right means of going ahead in the future if you have plans of developing an e-commerce website that has customers from different parts of the world. Initially you can experience owning a website with hosting service, then you will always have the option of switching to getting a domain name for the website.

Security is given high importance

We, at INNVY, take maximum care to protect all the content shared from being used in an unauthorized manner by any third party. We even have the security measures being taken for the backup data for all the client information shared on our network.

Deciding the length of the agreement

Hosting is not advised to be continued throughout the life, although if the clients find it appropriate, then there are chances of renewing the contract for as many years as asked for. Although, INNVY also facilitates with the option of canceling the contract whenever there is a breach observed or if the client wants to shift to a self maintained domain name.

Scope of the agreement and terms mentioned in it

It is important to discuss all the terms mentioned in an agreement with the clients. We ensure that the clients get the in-detail description about the clauses mentioned, so that clients can make the required alterations and get what they want from INNVY.

The losses suffered due to mistakes made by hosting service provider

The details about this clause will be mentioned in the agreement and can be discussed depending upon the intensity of the losses caused.

Backup plan

Hosting service providers are expected to facilitate with regular copies of backups of the information being shared with them. INNVY makes sure that all the information is stored safely that can be used whenever needed.

The Process


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