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Facebook Apps

Our Skillset

Facebook is one such medium of social networking that has the most number of users any network could have ever imagined. It is the second most populated place in the world. May be youngsters are now shifting to different mediums of communication but the popularity of Facebook is still going strong.

INNVY has the solution for each and every Internet marketing strategy using Facebook Apps. Even if you are new to social media, we will help you in developing the Facebook apps in the best possible way that are fully integrated with your parent website and automatically make updates on the app that are made on the parent website. Creating a Facebook fan page will help you reach more and more customers and because people understand the language of Facebook, it can be considered as one of the best mediums of advertisement.

Facebook Apps will give you space to make updates about all the marketing campaigns. It is simple, user friendly, easier to maintain and fun to use Facebook apps as a means of Internet marketing solutions.

Benefits that the clients of INNVY availed with Facebook apps:

  • The word spreads faster. Be it in college or in office, the presence on Facebook spreads much faster than you can ever imagine. Friends and colleagues make it a point to share important and trending information without any delay either by tagging themselves or posting on their Facebook timeline.
  • Improvement in brand value. Brand gets better recognition when posted on Facebook with photos and videos about the products and services being offered.
  • Immediate updates on the app. Once updated on the parent website, we make such synchronization that the clients will see automatic update on the the app as well, thus saving time and resources.

Our Workflow


Developing a custom page for the organization

INNVY develops a Facebook page that has all the basic details about the brand's products and services. Updating the information should be done on a regular basis. The page designed is user-friendly in-order to let the clients make tweaks without any inconvenience. Extra care is taken while designing the Facebook app to make the visitors excited about each visit they give to your brand page.

Like to gain access

The welcome page is so designed that the visitors are excited to know more about the brand's products and services. They are allowed to get complete access only after clicking Like on the brand page. This is to increase the social media presence, because the more likes the more would be the recognition in the network.

Formatting photos and events

You are given the option of syncing the Facebook page directly with the main page and when one individual likes it, it will be spread by them to their friends. This is how Facebook sharing works and lets you expand your business.

Fans converted into subscribers of mailing list

Once you have fans and followers on Facebook app, it gets easier for them to switch to mailing subscription. INNVY facilitates with the chances of joining the mailing list that users can use for future reference and get updates about the products and services via email and newsletters.

Get all the details about subscribers

It gets easier to get information about visitors who are interested in your products and services. This information page is synced directly with the parent page and also helps in sending notifications via email, fax and mobile alerts. Surveys are also possible on Facebook apps that will help in getting better knowledge about the likes, dislikes and expectations of the customers.

The Process


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