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Our Skillset

The organization INNVY is one of the most established ones in setting up the web designing, development and Internet marketing services. The services are not just limited to designing and developing but also making the websites visible to the world. Domain services is one of the most important services and can be considered as the backbone for any website. This service will assist in getting recognition to your website.

Buying domains has become a common aspect to do these days. Be it a personal blog or promoting a business, we at INNVY have been promoting different fields with giving domain services at competitive prices. The professionals working in our organization have vast experience in the field of domain hosting, thus assisting in catering different requirements of the organizations approaching us.

Because the demands for domain services is growing at a fast pace, so is the number of providers growing as well. It is always advised to choose skilled professionals who are providing quality and on-time service within affordable prices. Our clients have never had any difficulty in the services offered by us, thus making us a service provider with 100 percent satisfaction levels.

We provide 24/7 support to our clients. Advanced domain services also are accompanied in the package which includes subdomains, dedicated IP addresses, site creation tools, web hosting, advertising credits, etc.

Services provided by INNVY in domain registration are:
  • Domain search, registration and transfer services are being offered by INNVY. It also offers international domains, parked domains, subdomains, and all the other privacy features needed for a dedicated domain server.
  • There are a lot of extra features being offered such as web hosting, site creation tools, site templates, unlimited bandwidth, advertising credits for promotion of the website and also unlimited disk with uptime guarantee.
  • Support is facilitated 24/7. We understand that problems can arise at any point of time and this is the reason why our experts are always willing to assist you in the time of crisis. Phone support system is always available and you can also get guidelines regarding smaller issues through help guides, live chat support, discussion forums, etc.

Our Workflow

usDomain name cannot be similar to an already existing one. Depending on the products and services being offered or the name of the organization, we assist with choosing the domain name and this would be the first step towards getting the domain registered.

This is basically dependent on the purpose for which the website has been constructed. Generally the domain registration validates from one year to ten years, which can also be extended depending on the purpose for which the domain name is being registered. You may come across many service providers who would offer you with cheap deals, but we help you to get the registration done legally and let the website function for the number of years registered without any complications. You can always renew your contract for the extension of the domain registration.

You are facilitated with the option of selecting public/private registration for your domain. This will decide the visibility of your website.

You are required to share basic information about the organization that is getting registered on a domain name for future reference. We will keep assisting in development and also give a reminder to renew the contract if asked for when the registered time period is on the verge of getting depleted. The support system facilitated by INNVY will never let you feel secluded or let the process look complicated while registering the domain name.

The Process


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