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Dedicated Servers

Our Skillset

Dedicated Servers is the system of hosting where the whole server is allocated for self usage; that is why being named as dedicated server. Here, you are given the option of either buying or renting the server that will assist in hosting the website. Better control on the website can be attained with this type of server. Because the scope is limited to self usage, there are no chances that other websites will have any impact on the working of the website. Because of all these advantages, using dedicated servers is much more expensive than using shared servers.

The advantages attained with usage of dedicated servers are:

  • Secluded for self usage
  • Complete control on the servers
  • No chances of getting any influence by other websites present on the World Wide Web
  • Higher and better security
  • Can maintain a lot of traffic without slowing down the speed
  • Controlled by service provider

INNVY facilitates with the services of Dedicated Servers. We perform all the regular administration responsibilities like initial server setup, security scanning, anti-virus, patching, monitoring and many more. If you do not have the right staff to manage the dedicated servers and also the resources, then it is better to depend on the service provider for facilitating all-round services relating to the server maintenance.

Depending on the needs of the organization, we assist in designing the best dedicated server plan that can be used for a longer period of time. Because the technical aspects are high in dedicated servers, we advice our clients to let our experts handle all the technical issues and also work on the requirements of the organization. Selecting INNVY will ensure better usage of available resources and also better control over them.

Dedicated servers also are better when it comes to managing the organization in the time of disaster. If there is loss of complete content, then the system of backup facilitated by INNVY is so designed that it is extremely simple to recover the complete lost data within a short duration of time, thus not effecting the flow of work within the organization.

Because the data is shared with limited people, there are almost negligible chances of the data being misused or affected by other websites. Initially it might be a little burdensome on the budget of the organization, but in the future with the best results it will only give you returns indirectly and directly with better protection of data and faster functioning as well as recovery of the lost data.

Our Workflow

us It is important that the clients discuss each and every aspect of their functioning with experts at INNVY to help them in deciding the best plan that can be offered and needs be fulfilled. If your requirements are extremely high and if you do not wish to share the space with anyone, then dedicated servers is the best option available.

Depending on the requirements and experience of the clients, INNVY suggests to use the available plans of the processor as well as frequency for the servers. It is necessary to plan this step because the speed and processor are the core parts of the dedicated servers.

There are many more aspects that need to be considered while choosing the plan for dedicated servers. RAM capacity, storage capacity, bandwidth, number of IP addresses that can be installed, operating system, etc. All the aspects together make the perfect dedicated server plan, and the price that is charged per month also depends on the specifications chosen.

The Process


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