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Custom Application Development (with Cloud Technology)

Our Skillset

Applications that are running off the cloud are not just be complex in performance but can be highly expensive on maintenance levels as well. The programs that are running on non-cloud technology might not be able to give their total usage which they might give with the inculcation of cloud technology. Before the introduction of cloud technology, the organizations that wished to customize the business process had to bring changes in the entire infrastructure line. Then the next step taken was to build the custom application, but the maintenance required on it was continuous and expensive, and the processing was slow. With Custom Application Development with Cloud Technology by INNVY, you will experience the following advantages:

  • Cost savings because maintenance required is low
  • Increase the speed to reach the markets
  • Portability of the system and enjoy the same speed on cloud as well as on-premises system
  • Applications being developed on set standards making it easier to work on

INNVY will help you in customizing the applications with traditional development tools that are PHP, .Net, Javascript, etc. It will be customized depending on the requirements of each organization. No matter what the size of the organization is, INNVY has the solution to develop applications for small, medium as well as large organizations. The strategies followed are same for all and we ensure that the software application thus developed is completely successful.

Our Workflow

usDepending on the specifications given by the organizations, our expert team at INNVY analyzes the complete requirement details of the organization. If you want to customize on a smaller scale in order to check on the functioning of the new technology, then efforts will be made to make proper research and focus on the technical requirements, so that you understand how easier the process gets once cloud technology is implemented.

Here, the experts in the development team of INNVY will implement a database depending on your application. Coding is done here. Coding will include extracting data from the existing database and transforming and loading it into a totally new database.

Testing of the completed application systems

Just developing the application is not our job at INNVY. We make sure that the whole process developed undergoes proper testing. It is to ensure to facilitate the organization with a completely developed product that they can immediately put into usage.

Once the application is developed, it is shared with the organization in order to get approval from the stakeholders. This will validate the existence of the product and also give us a chance to make necessary tweaks, if required, on the suggestion of the organization.

After the approval is attained from the organization, our responsibility is to deploy the whole setup at the production site in order to bring it in day-to-day usage. This will require initial staff training that will be facilitated by the experts at INNVY. We even facilitate the deployment in the form of iteration to let the organization get accustomed to the changes being made.

Our responsibilities do not end with the deployment of the application, because we assure to provide with services of maintenance whenever required or asked for. This is needed for uninterrupted functioning of the application. Upgrading the software is also facilitated whenever required or whenever a new technology is being introduced in the market. This maintenance and upgrading of technology will ensure that the application will be used without any disruption and extra maintenance costs.

The Process


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