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Cloud Servers

Our Skillset

Cloud servers are indeed one of the latest means of technology. It uses the concept of virtualization as its base where you are allowed to set an operating system on the current system of hardware. You will witness better portability with the installation of the process along with more chances of sharing the hardware with different operating systems. This will help in utilizing the available hardware resources to complete optimization level.

The storage system of cloud servers facilitated by INNVY is highly sophisticated, and it is stored in one area which is the Storage Area Network. This makes using cloud servers much faster and no longer a cause of concern about the backup plans. Even if, the complete system is functioning on one single hardware system, INNVY makes sure that there is a backup hardware system that can be used under the situation of failure of the main system. The chances of the hardware getting failed with the maintenance provided by the experts are extremely rare, and even if they do it will not cause any disruption to the workflow of the organization.

Cloud server is much cheaper when compared to the dedicated servers and uses the available hardware capacity to the full extent. It is about choosing the right space, and memory for the cloud servers and you can enjoy services without any hindrances in the process. Cloud servers are available in public and private clouds and can be chosen depending on the requirement.

Cloud servers facilitate with a more flexible work environment. Because INNVY facilitates with firewall services, there are no chances of the information being misused when exposed to the cloud environment.

INNVY also facilitates with instant cloud servers updating service. The whole process is very simple and can be done online itself. You can also demand upgrading the existing space and increase it further for better usage. Controlling cloud servers facilitated by INNVY is very simple because most of the tasks are handled by experts from the organization itself.

Our Workflow

us INNVY facilitates the services of setting up public cloud servers where the clients are being charged depending on the usage and monthly basis. It is an on-demand system. INNVY is held responsible for managing of infrastructure and also take care of all the resources. There is no requirement to buy and install any new hardware or software systems for the introduction of public cloud servers. Taking a backup is easier on public cloud server, and if needed users can always demand for increasing in the capacity because INNVY offers the clients with this flexibility option.

It is the length of the time that decides the costs charged on the clients for attaining the services of public cloud. The access is via Internet, thus limited. It is not advised for users who want unlimited bandwidth usage in cloud servers.

Private cloud servers are deployed on personal levels and enjoyed over the LAN connection that is of high speed. Establishing the set-up is quite easy here. INNVY provides with hardware on which the cloud operating software will be installed and then the whole set-up is done. It is very easy to start working on the private cloud server because it gets activated in less than an hour of downloading the software.

Addition of servers is possible in private cloud, thus facilitating options of better scalability. The time taken for storing data is also much less in this form of cloud server. The option of private cloud is budget-friendly and continues giving you best results for long term. This option is advised when you have more data to store and use on a regular basis.

The Process


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