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Cloud ERP

Our Skillset

When clouding is involved in the functioning of the organization, then that means the usage of the Internet has come into scenario. It has an access to the hardware, software, and all the other possible resources being used to perform tasks in the organization. Introduction of Cloud ERP into the organization with the assistance of INNVY will facilitate various advantages, some of them being:

  • Reduction in ongoing hardware costs of customers, thus leading to an attraction towards the services being offered
  • Reduction in up-front expenses
  • Reduced costs of hardware
  • Get direct access to the data server for the customers

When customers are getting so many benefits, then it means that you are leading your way towards profits. INNVY gives complete confidence regarding the safety of the data being shared and will also provide with an agreement regarding the safety clause if asked for, for better security.

Our Workflow

us An organization can never survive without maintaining records about its existence. The initial step taken by INNVY while installing the ERP solutions is reviewing all the records of the clients. This data will give an idea about the functioning of the organization, and this will assist to a great extent in designing the policy and choosing the software.

Generally the data configured includes:

  • Account books
  • Sub accounts
  • Customer details
  • Vendor details
  • Item details
This information is needed in order to design the best strategy that will help the organization in improving the way they function.

Now that, all the details are clear, the implementation team at INNVY will start the installation process. To begin with the experts will start with training the team of the organization about the complete system and its application in day-to-day life. The time taken for the training process generally depends on the structure of the business. Small scale businesses are easier to understand and can be learnt in a few hours, whereas large scale businesses might need training for a day or two.

The complete setup totally depends on the requirements of the clients. This step should be carefully analyzed. In Cloud ERP flexibility of working comes for running the business and this, generally, is the main aim of establishing the cloud based system. Each and every detail will be taken account by INNVY for giving the right solutions, which will improve the chances of the staff being able to get authorized access to the important documents even without being present at the workplace.

In cloud technology, no matter what the system is, or the size of the organization is; it is important to keep things secure from being misused. Dividing the departments and setting authorized access to information only to limited people is important, and the Cloud ERP designed by INNVY will not let a sales person get an access to the financial information of the organization. He/she can only have access to the inventory department with which they are actually concerned. Rest is all encrypted and can be used only when checked by authorized personnel.

We at INNVY ensure that the personnel of the client's organization go well trained with the system of the cloud ERP. In Cloud ERP software, there are options for self learning where the end-users can select the option of Help and get all the reference needed for future purposes. We make sure that the initial training is provided in such a way that clients do not face any difficulty in maintaining the newly installed system.

The Process


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