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Cloud CRM

Our Skillset

We are not unaware about the importance of customers, and so maximum care is taken to give them high end satisfaction. Not just our organization, our experts are well trained to give best results for the services being demanded when it comes to Customer Relationship Management.

Cloud CRM is probably the latest means of improving the relationship with existing customers and developing better chances of finding newer ones. The implementation of this amazing technology leads to better exposure of the products and services being offered, improvement in the satisfaction of customers, thus leading to retention of them, and finally resulting in better profitability.

The advantages facilitated with the usage of services being offered by INNVY on Cloud CRM are:
  • Rapid development
  • Better and easier upgradation
  • High-end security and encryption techniques
  • Reduction in overall costs
  • Better relationships with the existing customers and higher chances of attaining new ones
  • Easier access for customers into the organization with two-way sharing of data

Our Workflow


Build up data loss management system

This phenomenon is commonly noticed that organizations happen to lose their precious data because of lack of a secure back-up system. With simple installation of back-up software, an organization cannot just protect their data but also but also improve the work flow with Cloud CRM software.

INNVY suggests the organization's with the best available software that can accompany with Cloud CRM for getting the appropriate backup for all the data that the organization needs for present and future reference.

Cloud CRM cannot be adapted for the whole organization immediately. Thus, it is always suggested starting from the smaller department of the organization to see how it functions. INNVY helps the organization to get adapted to changes in the way the organization functions and only then suggest for the total change.

Normally the issue that arises with clouding is the security of data. Because the clouding is on the public level, it is important to select the most secure network that can protect the data completely from being misused by the third persons. Isolation is provided by INNVY, wherein no internal threats could alter the existing data and not even the service provider i.e. INNVY can make any unwanted changes in the existing system. No scope for loopholes is left when it comes to securing the Cloud CRM network.

Hacking and misusing data have become a common affair these days. It is in the interest of our clients that we use the best encryption technologies for improving the security concerns and avoiding any threats to the data. INNVY has the best encryption experts who will make sure that everything falls into place, and only the concerned parties are allowed to view the content with full authority. Only good encryption techniques can assist in lowering the chances of threat from inside as well as from outside elements.

Because the Cloud CRM system is new, it might not be that easy for the personnel of the organization to adopt it. INNVY and its team ensure that complete training is facilitated to the staff of the organization, so that they are able to get used to the new system and also work on it efficiently. We consider it as our responsibility to provide complete information to the clients to let them be aware about the changes being made in the functioning of the organization.

The Process


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